Mia Katrin
We are your complete Social Media Marketing Agency and Ecommerce Specialists

We are uniquely qualified to advise clients on marketing and promotion with decades of experience writing for the industry's top publications including The Retail Jeweler and Southern Jewelry News.

Mia Katrin is a frequently invited speaker at leading industry events including AGS Conclaves and AGTA GemFair Tucson and organizes top industry specialists to participate in highly successful events to enthusiastic overflow audiences.

Our connections with leading editors and influencers is deep and wide. We have interviewed industry leaders regularly for decades and our connections with top echelon designers, retailers, gem wholesalers, trade show organizers and others is wide-reaching. We use these resources to open doors for designers, influencers, wholesalers and other clients.

We have provided marketing and sales development strategies, merchandising and training for fine jewelry designers, manufacturers and gem wholesalers, including brand positioning, marketing communication, public relations, social media, and buyer cultivation expertise in service of our clients.