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Mia Katrin
We are your complete Social Media Marketing Agency and Ecommerce Specialists

"Mia Katrin is great. She helped me a lot."--S.H

"In a very short time we have had an article published, new logo developed and an ad released to a new client base. We are very happy." --M.N.

Our connections with leading editors and influencers is deep and wide. We have interviewed industry leaders regularly for decades and our connections with top echelon leaders is wide-reaching. We use these resources to open doors for clients.

Mia has been mentored in the latest cutting-edge digital marketing strategies, not generally available even at leading business schools, by some of today's most successful marketers world-wide.

We currently service major, award-winning companies in all sectors through the New Oracle Group. With decades of experience in the jewelry industry, we are uniquely qualified to advise jewelry clients. Mia Katrin is a columnist for leading publications such as The Jewelers Collective and Southern Jewelry News and a frequently invited speaker at leading national industry events including AGS and AGTA conferences.

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